Car Seat Protector - Solid Black
Car Seat Protector - Solid Black
Car Seat Protector - Solid Black
Car Seat Protector - Solid Black
L'atelier des 2 frisées

Car Seat Protector - Solid Black

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Practical, aesthetic and safe!

The ideal and safe solution to protect car seats from dirty boots. The seat protector was designed in partnership with Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST), members of (Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada) in order to meet the recommendations of the child seat manufacturers.

Waterproof, washable and resistant!

Made of waterproof fabric in the front and fleece in the back.  The waterproof fabric is PUL but water doesn't pearl on it, which is perfect for the snow that gets on the boots in the winter. The other advantage of PUL is that it is easily washable with a damp cloth so it will stay beautiful all winter long!

Simply fasten around the headrest with a snaps strap. Works with removable headrests (metal rods) allowing two adjustments. Universal extensions are available for $4 for fixed headrests.

Two models available (see pictures to view the difference between the 2):

Evolutive model: Designed to be used both on the back seat in the back-to-front stage and on the back of the front seat when the child is facing forward*. Width 47 cm, length 50 cm. With buckles. Elastic to tie around the seat included.

Elongated model: Designed for use on the back of the front seat* only. It is longer than the evolutive model and is suitable for use up to the booster seat stage. Width 47 cm, length 60 cm. With buckles. Elastic to tie around the seat provided. 

*** If the pattern or model chosen is no longer in stock on the site, write us via Messenger and we will tell you if it can be made upon request! ***

For installation instructions on the back and front seats: Refer to the videos in the Explanatory Videos section.

L'atelier des 2 frisées donates a portion of its profits to the purchase of adapted and safe car seats for underprivileged families through various TSEP.

Maintenance: First hand wash, then machine wash in cold water. Dry on a gentle cycle or low temperature.

* Since each car seat manufacturer and each vehicle has its own requirements, it is important to refer to their manuals for the safe use of this accessory. Some vehicles do not allow any accessory to be hung behind the front seats. However, there are no restrictions for rear-facing use. For a summary of what is allowed by the car seat manufacturers, refer to the  Little Cupcakes in Cars Seats publication.

** If you have any questions about child passenger safety, please consult with a CPST member of (Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada).